Crawley Community & Voluntary Service (CCVS)

Corporate Supporters

Working with local businesses

CCVS work with corporate organisations to connect them with voluntary sector partners. This can be on a short term or long term basis. We facilitate links for volunteering projects, fundraising or donation based relationships.
If you are looking to develop your Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes please get in touch with us and we will advise on local connections.

Crawley Community Connect is issued each month giving ideas of how you can help your local community. You can subscribe to it or read past copies here.

There is more information about the current volunteering projects available by following the ‘Employee Volunteering’ link above.


Corporate Supporters, Offering Help Opportunities in Crawley


“We are thrilled with the work and are grateful to Barclays for doing this. Our clients will notice a difference and the building feels fresher and more welcoming - our service in Crawley provides support for people experiencing mental health problems.”

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