Crawley Community & Voluntary Service (CCVS)

Case Studies

Local groups work together to support families in need

Local groups work together to support families in need

The Challenge

The Easter Team, Crawley Open House and other organisations within the town are experiencing far greater demands for food. The recession has affected a lot of people in the town who are struggling financially and who need help to provide for their families.

The Solution

Peter Mansfield-Clark MBE, Director, Crawley Open House commented “The Wasted Food Project is designed to do just this. Donated food from shops, food outlets, distributors etc is gathered in a central storage area and from there will be delivered to or collected by the charities and other groups who will distribute it to the people and families who actually need it. The Wasted Food Project is a partnership between CCVS, Crawley Borough Council, Crawley Open House and The Easter Team. It will provide a lifeline to many families in the town and help to cut down the amount of unwanted food that is wasted every day.”

“It was helpful hearing examples of what worked or not from people who have actually done it”

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